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Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Safeguarding means protecting you and your right to live safely, free from abuse or harm. Local Authorities have a duty under the Care Act towards people who are experiencing abuse or neglect. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility in the care sector whether you are a paid employee or a volunteer.

We as staff in the care sector are expected to do everything possible to protect individuals from harm. We work with individuals in supportive, inclusive and positive ways always ensuring the health and safety of the individual both in the risks they take in daily activities and the environments in which they live. There should be a close communication between the provider and the local safeguarding board within the local authority.

The provider must have robust policies in place and ensure that all of their staff understand their responsibility. Training staff from induction and throughout their career in care will help to support their understanding and ability to be able to safeguard those in their care.

Everyone is entitled to live their best life free from abuse and harm. When an individual is in need of care, they become more vulnerable to being abused as they may not have a voice of their own or know where to turn to report what is happening to them. Abuse can come in so many different forms that it may not be immediately visible. Care staff are trained to be able to spot the signs and then they can report their concerns to ensure the individuals safety.

Raising a safeguarding issue is not taken lightly but when done in the right way with the right communication it can have very positive outcomes for the individual concerned. Never be afraid to voice concerns, it is better to have spoken out and have action taken than to keep quiet and the result be devastating.

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